Welcome to the Progressive Chamber of Commerce

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The Progressive Chamber of Commerce is the business network for the fictional City Of Progressive. Working through its members, the Progressive Chamber promotes workplace and community wellness.  Other member of the City Of Progressive community include:

  • Healthy Work Designs: an award winning architectural and engineering consulting firm that specializes in workplace designs that have a positive impact worker health and safety and support of the good or services being provided.
  • Iowa Star Farms: a mid-size commercial family farm committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for everyone engaged in any aspect of the Iowa Star Farms operation.
  • Safe Travel Transport: a freight and trucking service that provides safe and on-time transport of the products and equipment world-wide.
  • Safeway GC: an award winning comprehensive construction company where worker health and safety are top priorities.
  • Widget Mfg.: an occupational safety and health award-winning company whose widgets are distributed world-wide.
  • The City Of Progressive: a move-forward community that works closely with its workers’ compensation provider to improve worker safety and health and to reduce workers compensation premium costs.

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City of Progressive community concept created by Kevin M. Kelly